Reducing manpower requirements by automating our material handling transport systems.


Sumetzberger Pneumatic Tube System

Based on decades of experience in designing pneumatic tube systems for fast rapid transportation efficiently in hospitals.  Whether it is a direct point-to-point line or a complex hospital system linked by diverters and power transfer, Sumetzberger provides the ideal efficient solution.


With their patented auto-carriers, Sumetzberger provides optimised automatic connection to lab and pharmacy ….


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DS Automotion

Specializing in the development and production of Automated Guided Vehicles, DS Automotion supplies driverless solutions for various sectors including Hospital & Healthcare as well as intralogistics.

As a manufacturer who builds the AGVs themselves, DS Automation is able to accommodate customers’ request for special designs  and requirements….

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AKCmed Modular Operating Theatre

Consisting of steel structure + wall panels, each Operating Theater is designed with input from users to ensure integration with latest  state of the art technology required by doctors and health professionals using the OT.

The modularity and design of the OT makes it possibly to easily upgrade or reconfigure the OT should such requirements arise.  Easy access to the service areas also mean easy maintenance with minimal down time.

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Conveyor for Automation

Closely supporting AGVs and PTS in automating the material handling in hospitals, we work with conveyor companies to provide the closed-loop solution to ensure your processes are automated with minimal manpower requirements……

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