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Vicon Motion Capture
With more than 30 years of experience in motion capture technology, Vicon brings you the best in hardware and software for revolutionary applications in  Life Science, Entertainment and Engineering industries….

AMTI Force & Motion

AMTI’s six-degree of freedome force sensor is the fabric in many thousands of research work all over the world where accurate force sensing data is crucial.  Their latest patented technology in their optimized strain gain means users can now expect a 10-fold improvement over any other force platform on the market…….
Delsys Wireless EMG
Delsys’ patented parallel-bar sEMG sensors differentiates their technology from all other EMGS by providing data with low signal artifact, low cross-talk, signal reliability and signal consistency….

Cosmed Cardiopulmonary & Metabolic

The leader in  cardiopulmonary and metabolic solutions for either professional or medical use, COSMED is constantly calibrating their range of products to offer more accuracy and usability…


MicroGate presents Optogait, a state of the art, yet affordable system of analysis that provides evidence-based assessment for injury prevention and rehabilitation…

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Fusion Sport

Fusion Sport is passionate about optimising human performance as showcased by SmartSpeed, the timing gate with a difference. Not just a timing tool, but a training tool that offers reactive drills, SmartSpeed is a simple, yet powerful product that will transform your training game…

Thought Technology

Thought Technology is committed to providing flexible, reliable and accurate physiological data acquisition for medical practitioners, researchers, educators and students, and sports science clinicians, with their motto “Technology for better health”…

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