Making It Work

Our team of technicians and engineers are at your service to keep your products and systems in tiptop condition. Whether its Preventive Maintenance, to circumvent usage interruption, or Corrective maintenance to get your equipment and/or systems up and running again. Our service team is here to provide you with reliable support.

BME Services

Our BME Service team comprises of dedicated and skilled personnel. The capabilities of our BME Service team are not just limited to the equipment that we carry.

Besides being qualified to handle a wide range of Biomedical Equipment, our team has been engaged for 3rd party servicing for equipment from Medtronic, Johnson & Johnson  etc

In addition, our team adheres to stringent procedures to ensure all equipment is treated with utmost regard, with precision tools. Furthermore, our service lab has proudly been accredited by Stockhert as an approved Service Center.

Our specialised team of qualified personnel is committed to keeping your system in operation. Whether you need support on-site or offsite, during office hours or 24 hr a day, monthly or weekly, comprehensive or non-comprehensive,  we can cater a service plan to suit your needs.

Hospital Systems Maintenance

Water Maintenance

Our Water Maintenance team is committed to giving the best care to your pools, water features, and pools. Our trained personnelgive top priority to ensuring that your pool, water feature, and/or pond, maintains ideal water quality and cleanliness, as well as maintaining the filtration system in optimal condition.

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