CSMi Solutions

CSMi Solutions

CSMi designs, manufactures, and markets computer-based measurement, training, & documentation products for Athletic Training, Exercise Science, and Physical Therapy. Established in 1982 CSMi products are used in Hospitals, Clinics, Research Centers, Training Rooms, Industrial Sites, and Schools around the world.

The first product was the HUMan Assessment Computer (HUMAC) for the CYBEX II Isokinetic Extremity System in 1982. Based on an Apple //e computer the HUMAC replaced the CYBEX II strip chart recorder and reduced the time to generate a test report from 1 hour to a few minutes. The HUMAC included a database which added the ability to store, recall, compare, and average test results. While these features are common in today’s products at the time this was revolutionary.

The product strategy behind the original HUMAC Upgrade holds true today. CSMi seek out existing measurement, training, and documentation procedures in Athletic Training, Exercise Science, and Physical Therapy that can be improved by applying computer-based product solutions.

Humac Norm

HUMAC NORM Extremity System: Offers repeatable dynamic, isolated joint measurement and training

Unparalleled Patented Mechanical, State-of-the-art Dynamometer, and Intuitive Software Design

Developed for the Exercise Science Lab and perfected in the Physical Therapy Clinic and Athletic Training Room the HUMAC NORM Isokinetic Extremity System is the machine of choice across all disciplines and around the world.

Humac Balance

HUMAC Balance: Objective measurement & training routines

Fall Prevention, Orthopaedic, Concussion, and Chiropractic Neurology Applications

By coupling the HUMAC Balance Software with the most popular balance board in the gaming industry, CSMi is able to offer the Athletic Training, Physical Therapy and Exercise Science markets the most powerful computerized balance system for a fraction of the price of our competitors.


Other CSMi Solutions:


Injury Tracking Software makes it easy to record, manage, and report training room information from any web-enabled device from anywhere in the world. SportsWare is helping more Athletic Trainers record, manage, and report Athlete Training Room information than any other program. High School, College, Outreach, and Professional Athletic Trainers are managing over 2 million Athletes in SportsWareOnLine. Researchers can use it too!


HUMAC Upgrade for CYBEX & Biodex Extremity Systems

Adds features and improves productivity and reliability of machines that are already in the field. If the CYBEX or Biodex Isokinetic Extremity System you already own is in good mechanical order but the software and computer are holding you back the HUMAC can help. The HUMAC replaces the outdated software, computer, and controller with the latest technology and features to bring your system up-to-date.


Provides real-time visual feedback and measurement during exercise. A closed-loop approach during exercise makes it easy for patients to understand what is being asking of them, to self-correct their performance in real-time, and provides an objective training goal for their next visit. For the clinician, it means less time spent explaining exercises, more time spent reviewing performances and getting motivated patients to the next level.

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