Industry 4.0 as living practice

For over 30 years, DS AUTOMOTION GmbH with its company headquarters in Linz has been specializing in the development and production of Automated Guided Vehicle Systems (AGVs) and has become one of the world’s leading suppliers in this segment. Apart from general AGV logistics applications in various branches of industry, DS AUTOMOTION has specialized, in particular, in the sectors Automotive, Print & Paper, Hospital & Healthcare, Agriculture as well as Intralogistics.

DS Automotive solutions:

  • system implementations based on specific customer preferences.
  • AGVs are built in-house, meaning customisation to customer requirements
  • Reliable, efficient, flexible

This is applied Industry 4.0!


Advantages that make the difference:

  • Highest safety for goods, personnel and the operating environment
  • Reliable and on time delivery of goods
  • Reduction of logistic costs
  • Customised systems
  • Automated monitoring and control of material flow
  • Optimized material/process flow
  • Integration in existing structure without interruption

Magnetic Navigation

Laser Navigation

SLAM Technology


Competence is the basis for innovations. DS AUTOMOTION offers a spectrum of the most diverse technologies, both in terms of navigation technology and in the field of instrumentation and control. These basic technologies are part and parcel of our core competences and are thus firmly in our own hands. Only if a company masters these technologies itself, can it make targeted improvements and use them in an optimum way. Here you will find an overview of the various technologies we are using.

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